Enhance your skills and contribute positively to the socio-economic needs.

ASPIRE is an annual conference organized by BANEL International that focuses on the intellectual growth of young professionals and entrepreneurs worldwide. The conference offers proprietary revival summits, programs, seminars, and practical opportunities. Our goal is to develop the skills of young people to enable them to contribute positively to the socio-economic needs of Ghana and Africa as a whole. As such, we have partnered, and continue to partner, with other non-profit organizations and institutions that believe in the same proposition. Together, we offer skill, leadership, and personal development programs for the last four years. We believe these programs are relevant and will serve as a turning point and starting point for many of the participants who aspire to become entrepreneurs. This, in turn, will have a triple effect in resolving some of the unemployment issues in Ghana as they pursue their purpose and gain financial independence (SDG1).

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